Fleet Captain’s Log I

Any captain worth his salt knows that rough weather is part of the deal; if your voyage lasts long enough you will run into a good storm sooner or later. One must always be prepared for the worst, but also use every hardship as a learning experience; to improve preparedness for future storms. At the base of it all is the vessel; you can prepare for every contingency, but if your vessel is not up for it, you don’t stand a chance. Second to the vessel are the wits and steadfastness of her crew. Such a foundation was the cause of WEWFs "wet-weathered-success" this last weekend.

Despite projections for dastardly weather abounding from all sources, the WEWF crew set out to make good on their word: to boldly make and serve pizza and "make a scene" as no one has before. So we piled in to the "ole 238" complete with foul-weather gear and set off for the Loring Park Acoustic Festival. When we arrived the wind was gusting up over 35 knots and a line of storms filled the horizon; we asked where we should set up shop. Our preparation was about to pay off.

Understanding that the weather would most likely be doing its best over the next 8 hours to beat us back from whence we came; we originated our "Foul Weather Fare" configuration, which allowed minimum setup and maximum coverage to keep our dear pizzas [mostly] dry. Thanks to a new shelf, we were able to make pizza right on the "ole 238" all day, with the ability to fire freshly made pizzas straight out of the "pizza hatch."

dan bus_edited.png

Over the next few hours the weather mostly held out (we even briefly saw Sol) but still scared off a good chunk of would-be customers and music lovers. There were a few brave souls who stopped by to eat and chat including Congressman Keith Ellison and the Minneapolis Health Inspection Dept. (we passed inspection; further affirmation of the tight ship we run). When things got slow the pizza crew used every spare moment to reflect on iterations that will allow us to improve our food, service, business operations, equipment, and [in our daydream moments] fantasize about adventures to come.

The music tapered off and the "238" was packed up in record time to head off to the Greenway Glow at Northern Spark… which is where the real weather show began. Adam was there to greet us just as the frequent downpours, lightning, and strong winds cropped up, but none of it could keep us (or the hardest-core bikers on the planet) from making and enjoying the "it-tastes-even-better-when-you-have-to-work-for-it-and-you’re-soaking-wet" woodfired pies. We even set up the tent and lighting so folks could evade the downpour and see their food.

Just after Pizza Captain Dan finished up his "ankle deep music set" with the Wailing Loons, the event was cancelled due to worsening weather… seems like we have put the tent away wet so many times already this inaugural season. Alas, in the persistent rains of the wee hours of the morning, the pizza crew (noting that we hadn’t seen another food vendor all day) loaded up and wandered off into the storm, looking to make a scene elsewhere.

Sincere thanks to all that contributed in every way to last weekend. We had a blast.

With Love,


Fleet Captain

WildEarth WoodFired – “Make a scene”

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