Make a Scene

We’ve had a whirlwind start to a great season and great company. I could not be more happy with the results so far. So many happy faces walking away with a piping hot pizza in their hands ready to be enjoyed. I’d like to welcome you all to the Pizzalog. This company has been a lifetime in the making, and this Pizzalog will serve as a portal into what makes us tick here at WildEarth. With stories from the past, present… and future? We want you to share in our passion for good pizza, whether ours or something outrageously radical put out by another shop or mobile unit. We want you to know about it.

Now for the first little vignette. After two successful Saturday farmers markets in our hometown ‘hood of Midtown Minneapolis, it was time for something a little different. Fleet Captain Rudolph and myself loaded up the bus with trailer in tow, headed out to the wilds of the eastern suburbs and pulled the bus up to a private beach on a lake that many sailors call home. We weren’t sure what had brought us there, but the reason soon became apparent.

Next to this private access, a party of young twenty-somethings were gleefully taking advantage of the young summer night. As the short bus — pulling what could only be described as a terra cotta time machine — pulled up next to them, a look of bewilderment crossed their faces.

Captain Rudolph, our loyal friend and sometime-pie-slinger Chris, and myself stepped off the short bus, and Chris asked: “You guys want some wood-fired pizza?”

The answer was a resounding yes. We made pizza with the remainder of our farmers market ingredients until two in the morning for our flabbergasted new friends.

They offered us money, we declined, and thus was born the WildEarth Pizza Bomb.

Sometimes you throw a party. Sometimes when you throw a party it is a night to remember. Sometimes when you throw a party, a short bus pulling a wood-fired pizza oven arrives at your door, seemingly materializing out of the ether, and three fun-loving gentlemen serve you pizza for free until two in the morning. When will the next “WildEarth Pizza Bomb” happen? Well, I don’t even know that. But you can easily reserve a date instead of waiting to win the lottery.

We’re having a ton of fun. We had a hugely successful kickoff at the City Pages Beer Festival. It thundered, it poured, but all the while we had a line down the block as our tight little ship cranked out ‘za as fast as humanly possible. We can’t wait for next year!

Tomorrow we will be at the Loring Park Acoustic Music Festival and also the Northern Spark Greenway Glow. Come hang out. I personally can’t wait to serve you. Until next time, take it easy.


Dan Pizza Captain

WildEarth WoodFired – “Make a scene”

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