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Smoke billowing from a roving pizza oven is a singularly enchanting thing. Remember Red Wagon? They're now a charming brick-and-mortar in south Minneapolis doing a bang up business including thrice weekly brunches. So now there's room for another wagon. Wild Earth makes a maple-infused sourdough crust in a handmade oven using farmers' market booty for toppings, naturally.

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“If you build it, they will come.” Dan Wilder says drily, raising his eyebrows in a way that suggests he really knows what he’s talking about. Three years ago, fueled by a childhood passion for making pizzas with his father, Dan spent a month building a wood fired oven in his Midtown Phillips backyard.

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A mobile pizza bakery is changing events one slice at a time.

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The boundaries of what constitutes a food truck will also begin to blur, starting with the launch of WildEarth WoodFired Mobile Pizza Bakery—not a food truck, but a pizza oven on wheels. As the options diversify, Twin Citians are sure to gobble them up.


Another wood-fire pizza truck making Neopolitan-style hand-stretched pizzas, WildEarth is committed to using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and even puts a touch of local maple syrup in their dough to make an extra crispy crust that's just a little bit sweet. Expect farm-to-table toppings including ramps, goat cheese, and artisan sausage.


Though it's not exactly a truck, WildEarth WoodFired Mobile Pizza Bakery, will be launching as early as May 31 for festivals, farmer's markets, and private events. The mobile eatery was funded by a Kickstarter campaign which raised $9,000. Wilder will feature locally-sourced ingredients on his maple sourdough pizza crusts.

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Naples-style pizza with artisanal ingredients, bubbling gently in front of a wood fire: it's like a little glimpse of nirvana. And local entrepreneur Daniel Wilder will be wheeling it to a location near you.

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WildEarth WoodFired Mobile Pizza Bakery — a dining concept that is exactly what it sounds like —wrapped up a quick KickStarter campaign and will begin selling in the Twin Cities this summer.

WildEarth WoodFired Pizza Coming to MPLS This Summer


After launching its Kickstarter campaign on February 20, WildEarth WoodFired mobile pizza bakery has already passed its $6,000 goal.According to City Pages, WildEarth's Kickstarter campaign was 75% funded on its first day; City Pages also reports that founder Daniel Wilder ordered the mobile pizza oven last week and expects to be serving pizza by May or June.


Daniel Wilder, a former pizza shop manager whose devotion led him to build a wood-fire pizza oven in his backyard in south Minneapolis, where the idea for WildEarth was born.

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